Our Story

It all began at Crufts 2016 with a onesie we made for our 14 year old poodle Maisy Moo, who needed to be kept warm and dry when walking from the car park into Crufts. Our little grey-haired old girl was mobbed by the press as we approached the exhibition hall. The next day she appeared in the Daily Mail with the caption ‘ A Star Spangled Poodle arrives at Crufts, the worlds largest dog show’.

The next day wearing a different onesie the same thing happened and this time she appeared in the Daily Mirror and the Birmingham Mail. She has since appeared in various magazines, hitting the limelight late in life!

The interest Maisy Moo raised encouraged me to set the wheels in motion for the range of dog Onesies and jumpers we make in the UK under the brand name Lah-De-Dah-Dog. It has taken a while to get everything in place, but our eye-catching range will be launched to the trade at Pats Telford 2018 and the wider public at Crufts 2019.

Professional photographer Graham Stone took the photograph and provided the caption that inspired the creation of our logo and the direction of our product range.

Poodle in fleece onesie